“The Coexist Initiative,” Based In Kenya, Receives Fourth Prize At The Intercultural Innovation Award Ceremony

BAKU, Azerbaijan, April 28, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — The Coexist Initiative from Kenya received the 4th prize at this year’s Intercultural Innovation Award (IIA) Ceremony for their “Girls Education Promotion Program.” “Any girl who is able to finish school is a reward to the world,” says Wanjala Wafula, founder and CEO of the Coexist Initiative. “We […]

South Africa: 1774 NMB Metro Vacancies Preventing Delivery of Services

This ANC administration under Mayor Jordaan is withholding services from our people by choosing not to fill a staggering 1774 vacancies in the NMB municipality.

In a shocking revelation of neglect and irresponsibility, parliamentary replies have exposed the shocking amount of vacancies in our Metro, which is surely the reason for ongoing service delivery, housing and safety collapse in Nelson Mandela Bay.

In the Infrastructure & Engineering and Electricity & Energy Directorates alone, both of which are entirely responsible for service delivery, there are a total of 742 vacancies.

While the residents of Missionvale struggle without electricity connections and sanitation, while the people of Motherwell go without refuse collection and street lighting, and while large parts of the Metro face an unprecedented amount of water leaks, potholes and illegal dumping, Mayor Jordaan perpetuates an already catastrophic situation by not filling hundreds of critical posts.

Strangely, the metro released a statement a few weeks ago claiming that a cash holding is reason to celebrate. As residents, we cannot celebrate that so many vacancies exist and services aren’t delivered while the municipality holds our public funds in its bank account.

It is easy to amass finance when one slashes job creating and service delivery overheads. In fact, less is being spent on service delivery than ever before with last year’s irresponsible R123-million slashing of the infrastructure maintenance budget by Mayor Jordaan.

Furthermore, under ANC Finance Head, Cllr Rory Riordan, rates collection is at an all-time low.

A fair and caring government would deliver services, encourage repayment of rates, and with just 4- or 5% increase in rates collection would bring in an additional R240- to R360-million. Under the DA, this money would immediately be spent on better services, cut corruption and create jobs.

Over the last 8 months, We have criss-crossed the Bay and engaged with tens of thousands of residents, and we are all clear on one thing: We need change that gets us moving forward again!

The final months of the DA’s campaign to win Nelson Mandela Bay will see us campaigning harder than ever, through three campaign phases where we will invite voters to Choose Change, Stand Up For Change and Vote For Change.

Source: Democratic Alliance