South Africa Vision is a unique interactive news and press release portal designed for companies and individuals to submit and archive their press release and editorial messages. All the news and press release information issues within South Africa are gathered to develop an elaborate database. The categories in which the news is covered are General, Business, Energy and Power, Science and Technology and Politics.

Visitors of the South Africa Vision are provided with an interface using which information can be easily posted and enables the people with strong interest to submit their articles on the web. The breaking news articles are posted in a separate category for making the interface user friendly and that the users can find news releases quickly. Appropriate archiving of the data is also done for facilitating the visitors. The weather updates of the Johannesburg region are also shown for facilitating the visitors.

The news published on the South Africa Vision is useful for all the visitors and can easily acquire attention of the masses. The information delivered is resourceful and elaborately covers various different areas. It is a one stop solution of information for its readers. Visitors are offered subscription services using which updates / notifications of new updates are also acquired. Besides this the Social Media portals are also regularly updated and connectivity with the readers is also maintained through this portal.

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