Blood donation noble act of giving-NNPC

Mrs Mirian Anabui, Manager Diagnostics Services NNPC Medical Services Limited (NMSL), has described blood donation as a noble act of giving that symbolises the essence of humanity.

Anabui expressed this view on Friday in Abuja at an event to commemorate the 2024 World Blood Donor Day.

The theme of the event was ’20 years of Celebrating Giving: Thank You Donors!’

‘We stand united in gratitude and admiration for the noble act of giving; the act that sustains lives, fuels hope, and embodies the essence of humanity.

‘Today, we come together to celebrate a remarkable milestone: 20 years of giving.

‘With each donation, you have provided hope to those in need, strength to the vulnerable, and reassurance to the weary,’ she said.

According to her, donors have represented the spirit of solidarity and compassion; demonstrating that a single act of kindness has the power to transform lives and shape the course of our shared humanity.

She urged them to reaffirm their commitment to supporting blood donation initiati
ves, raising awareness and advocating for equitable access to safe blood supplies for all.

‘Together, we can ensure that the legacy of giving continues to thrive and that future generations inherit a world where the gift of life knows no boundaries,” she said.

Delivering a lecture, Mr Oyetunde Akinloye, a educator, Blood Safety Consultant, said that the event was to create awareness for blood donations to ensure the quality, safety and availability of blood and blood products.

According to him, there is life in every drop; hence the need to give blood.

Akinloye said that blood services were vital part of the healthcare system, providing life-saving transfusion for a variety of medical conditions.

‘However, maintaining a sustainable blood supply can be challenging due to factors like short shelf life of blood products, fluctuations in donor availability and increase demand for blood transfusions.

‘Others are fund, high turnover of trained, skilled personnel and infrastructure/equipment,’ he said.

ding to him, blood transfusion situation in Nigeria lacks of reliable data.

Akinloye said that enhancing blood service sustainably should be a national blood policy.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that certificates was given to donors.

Source: News Agency of Nigeria