Parliament� The Portfolio Committee on Communications will tomorrow, Thursday 11 October 2018, consider the annual reports and financial statements of the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) and the Media Diversity and Development Agency (MDDA) for the 2017/18 financial year.

On the 25th of September, the Group Chief Executive Officer of the SABC, MrMadodaMxakwe, briefed the committee on the public broadcaster’s strategic roadmap to recovery, saying that SABC has incurred R3.1 billion on employees’ costs in the year under review which is 42% of the total expenditure of R7.3 billion.

MrMxakwe, together with the SABC Board, then informed the committee that engagements with organisedlabour were being held on a regular basis, with a view of implementing section 189 as one of the measures to cut the salary bill.

Source: Parliament of the Republic of South Africa