UPINGTON, SOUTH AFRICA, Aug 28 (NNN-SABC) — Delays in the blooming of the wildflowers of Namaqualand, an arid region stretching along the Atlantic coastal region of South Africa’s Northern Cape province and neighbouring Namibia, has left many tourists who visited the area these past days disappointed.

The region is well-known for its beautiful flowers during the Southern hemisphere Spring and attracts tourists from across the world, but the drought which has hit vast parts of southern Africa the past two years has had a severe impact on this year’s blossom.

Every year around this time, the Namaqualand is already blooming with its beautiful wild flowers and the Namaqua is a well-known tourist destination of choice. The start of the wildflower season varies each year, but it is usually during the months of August to October.

Tourists who visited the area recently are disappointed that the flowers have not appeared yet. The flowers are very beautiful, but with the drought the outcome is not so good. This is actually the first time we have come here, and we didn’t see a lot of flowers at al l… and we were coming down this road, to see the orange little daisies on the side of the road and really, it’s scraggly, very patchy, only here and there; it’s actually sad to see,” one tourist said.

Many are hoping the flowers will appear soon.