Pretoria – The office of Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa wishes to correct the incorrect impressions that may have been created following comments the Deputy President made at the church during a religious service in Limpopo on Sunday 10 April 2016. Deputy President Ramaphosa was in Limpopo on Sunday as part of the campaign to mobilise the citizenry to register for the forthcoming local government elections.

During the church service held at Mahwelereng’s Church of the First Born, Deputy President Ramaphosa implored the congregation to pray for leaders and the government. An impression that may have been created that the church should not get involved in politics is therefore incorrect.

Deputy President Ramaphosa appreciates and remembers the role the churches have played in the history of the country. This includes the outstanding role the churches played during the struggle against apartheid mobilising the international community against what the broader church termed a heresy.

Deputy President Ramaphosa welcomes the robust manner in which the churches and all other religious formations have engaged the government on critical issues facing our country. Deputy President is of the conviction that working together with the churches and indeed other religious formations we can help create a better life for all our people and move our country forward.

Source: The Presidency Republic of South Africa