Education ministry suspends teaching posts

WINDHOEK: The Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture has suspended all pre-primary and Grade 1 to 3 teaching posts following widespread concern among educators and stakeholders around the requirements.

The teaching posts advertised through Circular 3 of 2019, titled ‘Appropriate Appointment Qualifications for Filling Teaching Posts in Junior Primary Phases (Pre-Primary, Grade 1-3),’ had demanding prerequisites for teachers in the junior primary phases of state schools. It was originally meant to increase standards and assure quality education delivery at the foundational levels. However, its implementation has drawn criticism for potentially disqualifying qualified teachers who do not meet the requirements.

Executive Director Sanet Steenkamp in a notice on Tuesday stated that the suspension is due to the formation of a Steering Committee to oversee and coordinate the consultative process for the review of Formal Education Circular 3 of 2019, scheduled for 15-16 July.

‘Institutions of Higher Learning which
offer teacher training programmes have been invited to submit the details of their programmes offered for Junior Primary phase teachers. Further to this engagement, other relevant stakeholders and interest groups are equally invited to take part in this review,’ she said.

Source: The Namibia Press Agency