Gender Commission condemns alleged incident of assault by Port Elizabeth doctor

The Commission for Gender Equality (CGE) has noted with dismay media reports indicating that a well-known Port Elizabeth (PE) Medical Doctor, Mfundo Mabenge has allegedly assaulted Abongile Bulo, a 16-year-old teenager at a church function.

The Commission categorically condemns all forms of gender violence. The Commission is extremely disappointed that someone whom society revere due to the nature of his profession and supposed to be exemplary has allegedly done something that is very unfortunate and unwarranted. The Commission is calling on Dr. Mabenge to unequivocal apologise to the Abongile, the church and the country, if the allegations against him are true. The CGE is also calling on the church that he belongs to, to suspend him with immediate effect from all duties pending the outcome of the investigation in the matter.

This is reprehensible and inexcusable especially coming after the backdrop of the 16 days of Activism of No Violence against women and children wherein the Commission and like-minded institutions were focussing on greater efforts in ending violence Against Women and Children.

The CGE believes the church based on the severity of allegations in a country where rampant abuse of women and children has reached alarming proportion will act with speed to ensure that justice is served for Abongile and other women who have been victims of gender based violence throughout the country.

The Commission will be monitoring the case to ensure that justice for both the alleged perpetrator and the victim is served.

Source: Government of South Africa