Department of Health has put measures in place to address theatre procedure cancellations in two of its major central hospitals.

Charlotte Maxeke Academic Hospital (CMAH) and Chris Hani Baragwanath Academic Hospital (CHBAH) have in the last year had to cancel 2036 at CMAH whereas the CHBAH deferred 1979 procedures, respectively.

“Due to various reasons, such as a high number of acute and Intensive Care Unit (ICU) beds, patient related issues, infrastructure and equipment related issues; both hospitals had to cancelled or deferred planned theatre procedures.

“It should be noted that these facilities have put systems in place to improve patient outcomes including active participation of patients in scheduling of operations by introducing electronic communication system for booking, reminder and cancellation,” said the department’s spokesperson, Kwara Kekana.

Both hospitals continue to see a large number of patients who present themselves with different illnesses.

Evaluation of patients for major elective surgical procedures at preanesthetic clinic before booking is made.

“Patients scheduled for elective surgical procedures to be in hospital on time (7pm) to ensure uninterrupted supply of consumables for elective surgical procedures and cutting time for elective surgical procedures across to be at 8pm.

Other measures being put in place to ensure that fewer procedures are cancelled or deferred include strengthening the cluster system and outreach, performing some of the operations in the cluster hospitals, extending arthroplasty list to 7pm during the week,” said Kekana.

Source: Gauteng Province