Accra, Ghana, -For a long time, Africa has been the unheard child in the midst of all that goes on globally. But Sibonginkosi Mlalazi, a 34 year old South African entrepreneur based in Cape Town in South Africa, is doing her best to break this cycle.

Through her entrepreneurial skills, Madam Mlalazi wants to show that here in Africa, we can do it just as well as the rest of the world. She is the Founder and Brand Strategist at Sama Oeuvre Brand Communications.

Madam Mlalazi explained: We also have brilliant minds and we can do what anyone else can do. I became an entrepreneur because I wanted to provide a platform for African businesses to connect with each other and for people to hear our Authentic African stories.

My goal is to change the African narrative, she stated in an exclusive interview.

So, this goal propelled Madam Mlalazi to set up Sama Oeuvre Brand Communications, which is a leading Brand Communications Company based in Cape Town, with expertise spanning over 10 years.

Her entrepreneurial traits

Growing up, she had an aunt who was young (at the time) and ran a successful small business supplying industrial chemicals to other small businesses.

Whenever young Sibonginkosi visited her office, she would marvel at how her aunt at a young age was already a force to be reckoned with.

I admired her so much. She showed me that as a woman I didn’t just have to aspire for marriage, but that I could also build something for myself and generations to follow.

So, from there she became interested in becoming an entrepreneur. In her words: I read so many books and magazine articles about different people from Africa and around the world that were making waves in their different industries. This inspired me and showed me that there was no limit to what I could do in life.

At some point during her college years, she set up a small magazine but because she didn’t have the expertise and knowledge of the industry, it didn’t take off and she abandoned the idea.

The unsuccessful magazine idea didn’t affect her love to become an entrepreneur. She persevered through that dark spot to become an outstanding entrepreneur.

Madam Mlalazi who showed the attribute of entrepreneurial resilience at a tender age, is passionate about changing brand perceptions and providing platforms for African businesses to tell their stories.

The company she founded, Sama Oeuvre Brand Communications, is dedicated to assisting companies with the dissemination of information to key constituencies and the development of messages for a variety of purposes within the business fraternity in African and other parts of the world.

Sama Oeuvre helps organizations plan their conferences and corporate events.

The company also provides training services on Personal Branding and Communication Skills.

It all started in 2018, with an idea and a passion crystallizing into the vision of an entrepreneur.

With over 12 years working experience in the Public Relations, Communications, Marketing and Advertising industry, Madam Mlalazi has gained valuable insight and knowledge which has helped her excel and advance in her career.

She is a brand specialist of international repute who believes that communications could play an important role in facilitating development in Africa.

Sama Oeuvre, started off in a small home office in Cape Town, South Africa. It has grown from those small beginnings to emerge as a leader in Africa’s brand communications industry.

Under her dynamic leadership, the company has worked with some of the greatest minds in corporate South Africa and in other Southern African countries,

Sama Oeuvre also offers strategic communication solutions through a series of training workshops, to assist businesses in communicating a concept, a process, or data that satisfies a long term strategic goal.

It facilitates advanced strategic planning workshops to ensure that businesses engage their clients fully. The strength of its approach is its emphasis on strategy rather than on specific tactics as well as its focus on communications understood holistically.

This approach is particularly valuable given the increasing difficulty faced by organizations in differentiating among communication activities (and results) appropriately owned by various functional groups.

The legacy she wants to leave behind as an entrepreneur

I would like to be remembered as the woman who broke boundaries in the brand and conferencing space. I want to be remembered as the person who helped connect African brands by providing them with platforms to tell their stories.

I want to be remembered as the person who was able to inspire many entrepreneurs by giving them an opportunity to meet and network with other African business people.

Advice to the young African entrepreneurs

Madam Mlalazi advises African entrepreneurs to dream big, saying their dreams are valid, and also to not be afraid of taking risks, as they cannot be great without taking any risks.

Lastly, I would advise them to be patient, because this is a difficult and exhausting journey. Always keep the eye on the prize and do not get deterred no matter how slowly things are moving. Do not be afraid to start small. The big brands that you look up to were also small start-ups at some point in time.

Madam Mlalazi believes that the future of Africa lies with entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs have the capabilities; it is just a matter of harnessing them.

Also, the best place to start with entrepreneurship is to provide a solution for a problem that is around them. They can make Africa great by providing African solutions to their African problems.

Source: African News Agency