58-year-old Jimmy Marx who was allegedly killed by a fellow resident has been laid to rest at Pretoria West Crematorium. Marx was a patient at Itireleng Residential Care Facility for the Disabled from 2012 until he met his untimely death in December last year.

The Itireleng employees who worked closely with Marx spoke fondly of him in their tribute. Social Work Supervisor, Puleng Bahula, said “Jimmy was a fun person to be around. It is not just a loss to the family but also to the institution”. This view was shared by his colleague.

Faith Mhlanga said “I got along very well with Marx, as a result, whenever people had a problem with him they would call me to intervene. “The late was a people’s person and he embraced everyone equally. In his uniqueness he created his own language to communicate with people.”

She added that the deceased was forgiving, if someone did something he did not like, in a few minutes he would be smiling again. He wanted to go live in the community and not the institution, as a result he always said “buitekant”. The facility could not allow him to do that. The institution is deeply hurt by his passing and would like to thank his family for allowing them to be part of his life.

A representative of the family told mourners that they had learnt a lot from Marx and he always offered them sound advice. Adding that they are praying that the person responsible for his passing be found and be held accountable for their actions.

Source: Gauteng Province