Theme: Repositioning crime detection for excellence and synergy in the SAPS service delivery value chain

The South African Police Service, will be hosting the first National Crime Detection Conference between the 3rd and 5th of September 2018 in Pretoria, at the Velmore Hotel. Crime Detection comprises of the Divisions: Crime Intelligence, Detective Services and Forensic Services.

The Conference will create an opportunity for the mentioned and other divisions to discuss various aspects in which crime detection methods may be improved.

It is a three-day session where crime detection experts from various fields such as the Forensic Science Laboratory, Detective Services, Crime Intelligence, Visible Policing and other external law enforcement agencies will discuss different topics to improve the service delivery value chain in crime detection.

The conference will consist of a live simulation of a crime scene by forensic experts, panel discussions and commissions on topics such as quality investigations, legislative framework, crime scene management and cybercrime strategies.

Source: South African Police Service