NORTHERN CAPE – The Provincial Commissioner of the SAPS in the Northern Cape, Lieutenant General Risimati Shivuri capped members holding ranks of Captain, Lieutenant Colonel and Colonel during a special capping ceremony, the first of its kind at the Kimberley Police Station. The 50 members were capped as they were recently promoted and will take up official duties in their respective positions on 1 November 2019. The Programme Director of the ceremony was Provincial Head of Human Resource Utilization, Brigadier Tait and the opening prayer was led by Colonel (Rev) Colane. Lt Gen Shivuri addressed the room and urged the newly appointed commissioned officers to find new strategies in curbing cyber-crimes in the midst of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. October marks mental health awareness month, the Commissioner underlined the suicide rate within the organisation and advised members to take initiatives to ensure that the mental well-being of colleagues is as prioritised just as much as their official duties.

He further stated to the members that their appointments were duly based on but not limited to experience and competence. He further quoted Julius Cesar Experience is the teacher of all things and emphasised that officers should act accordingly and honour the badge at all times. Deputy Provincial Commissioner of Crime Detection, Major General Koliswa Otola delivered the closing address of the ceremony, she further congratulated and urged the new appointees and stressed that their new role requires commitment, discipline and hard work. She reminded the members to deliver on the promises made during their interviews and on their oath to protect the inhabitants of this country.

Source: South African Police Service