Next Ma/Gaisa Star search launched in capital

Namibian musician, Andreas Backos has said there is a need for sponsors, promotion and marketing of the Ma /Gaisa music genre so that it can be recognised locally and worldwide.

Backos, known by his stage name as ‘Ome Backos’, said this while speaking at the launch of the Next Ma /Gaisa Star Search Season 3, in the capital.

He said securing sponsors, promoting and marketing the genre is the main challenge currently and called on stakeholders including the National Arts Council of Namibia, companies, and individuals, to come on board to support the genre so that it can be marketed and sold internationally.

‘Improving Ma/Gaisa is not only for us but also for young aspiring artists in Namibia,’ he said.

Ma/Gaisa, a genre that originated in 2000, is a blend of Khoekhoe melodies with added instruments and was originally performed without instruments.

Today, Ma/Gaisa is sung with instruments such as a keyboard, which plays an important role.

At the same event, Namibia Society of Composers and Authors of Music Chief Executive Officer Albert Nikanor stated that it is critical to make the Ma/Gaisa genre available on many platforms.

He also expressed gratitude to SAN—Welwitschia Music Production for hosting the event.

The next Ma/Gaisa Star competition, as well as the grand finale, will take place in Swakopmund in the Erongo Region, depending on the sponsors and will benefit about 100 to 150 people in terms of employment for dancers, backing vocals, presenters, graphic designs, videos, camera crew, scriptwriters as well as artists.

The search for the next Ma/Gaisa star officially opened on Tuesday and is scheduled to end on 15 November.

Source: The Namibian Press Agency