Over 850 jobs expected from Arandis charcoal

Over 850 indirect jobs are envisaged to be generated through the Green Charcoal Namibia (GCN) factory in Arandis in the fields of production, transport, machinery manufacturing, engineering and export.

The N.dollars 60 million investment, which was officially inaugurated at the town on Monday, currently employs over 50 people and is set to add an additional 30 jobs by 2025.

GCN, which specialises in the processing of charcoal and briquettes, is backed by the Belgian charcoal company Carbobois, which exports across Europe since 1982 and currently procures its products from Namibia.

Speaking at the event here, Minister in the Presidency Christine ||Hoebes said the inception of the project represents a clear and resolute commitment to environmental conservation, clean energy and the well-being of the communities.

She added that it embodies the spirit of Namibia’s determination to embrace innovation and lead in the pursuit of a greener, more sustainable future.

“The production of green charcoal is not just an industrial process; it is a testament to our commitment to responsible resource management and a sustainable future. Green charcoal is a cleaner, more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional charcoal production methods and producing it, we aim to reduce carbon emissions, preserve our precious forests, and significantly lower the environmental impact of energy consumption,” she expressed.

Erongo Governor Neville Andre Itope in a speech delivered on his behalf, commended the leadership of Arandis for their foresight to relentlessly look for opportunities to diversify and unlock the local economy.

“The town of Arandis experienced its own setbacks in the late 1990s and early 2000s when the uranium price started to decline, this situation resulted in the town positioning itself to lessen its dependency on uranium by diversifying its economic base, through various intervention strategies aimed at local economic development production in Namibia.”

GCN directors Jean-Daniel Goblet and Cedric Schmidt said the company’s activities are expected to bring in N.dollars 200 million into the Namibian economy by 2024.

“Looking ahead to 2024, GCN has already secured contracts for the delivery of 30 000 tons of packaged charcoal and 8 000 tons of FSC-certified packaged briquettes, which translates to approximately 1 500 containers annually,” they expressed.

About 14 per cent of all Namibian charcoal exports will be produced in Arandis.

Source: The Namibian Press Agency