An investment of 180 Million by Country Bird Holdings in the North West represents progress- Premier Maape

Klerksdorp- Country Bird Holdings’ Supreme plant in Tigane, Hartbeesfontein, has expanded its chicken production to around thirty-five percent (35%) creating over one hundred (100) direct jobs as part of its contribution to the poultry industry master plan. This investment has further entrenched the company as the majority employer in the area, ramping up economic activity that involves over two thousand (2 000) employees.

The company’s Chief Executive Officer Brendon de Boer maintains the investment forms part of a broader plan by Supreme to align its strategy with new market opportunities and demands.

“We are shifting down from about fifty percent of the output being individually quick-frozen portions to fifteen percent, using the freed capacity to deliver fresh product, which is in great demand from clients including the quick-service restaurant sector. The increased capacity also brings down the production cost per unit, allowing us to produce more affordable chicken, and servicing a wider market. The new facility will be able to process a million chickens a week” insists de Boer.

North West Premier Kaobitsa Bushy Maape says government is on the right track in luring investments in the province. Premier Maape maintains government will do everything in its power to create a conducive environment for business to thrive. He believes this has the potential to unlock various opportunities that the province can offer. This will go a long way in creating jobs and fight the scourge of unemployment and poverty afflicting the province.

“The opening of the plant represents progress in the province particularly as we try to resuscitate the provincial economy. The province has suffered enormous shocks due to the pandemic and we are excited that companies like Country Bird see the North West as a viable destination for investments. We are working hard to address a number of service delivery challenges confronting the province. We are doing this to assure the private sector that we can work hand in glove with them to bring business to our province and create jobs’’ said Premier Maape.

In addition to directly servicing clients with fresh chicken, the Tigane plant will also deliver the raw material for the company’s new processing plant in Germiston. The Tigane expansion along with the increased production of the company’s Germiston plant represents a significant contribution to the poultry sector’s commitment to increase capacity and job opportunities in line with the poultry sector master plan.

Source: Government of South Africa