Premier Maape urges communities to play an active role in helping government address service delivery concerns

North West Premier, Kaobitsa Bushy Maape maintains part of expediting the delivery of services in various municipalities across the province will require active citizenry. He insists government alone will not be able to change the face of local government if residents are not playing their part.

Speaking at the Provincial Service Delivery Address held on Reconciliation Day at Coligny, Premier Maape avers a permanent solution must be sought in promoting administrative efficiency and financial accountability in municipalities. He encouraged communities to see to the success of Accelerated Service Delivery Program recently launched by the provincial government.

“This plan is primarily aimed at expediting the delivery of services in Municipalities through provision of basic services such as collection of refuse, clearing illegal dumping sites, addressing problems of water shortages and patching of potholes. If communities are not going to play an active part in this regard we’ll not be able achieve our desired objectives” remarked Premier Maape.

As part of finding a lasting solution to challenges of water provision, the provincial government is working hand in glove with National Department of Water and Sanitation to execute the Provincial Water Master Plan which will assist the Province upscale uninterrupted delivery of water resources in a more planned and sustained manner.

“We are now happy to report that the Taung Dam will be commissioned within the next three months to alleviate water provision challenges in the Greater Taung Local Municipality. There is also a construction of a water pipeline which runs from Bloemhof Dam to Mamusa Local Municipality and the project will be completed in eight months” said Premier Maape.

The business fraternity has already expressed their support for the plan.

” We want to improve our cities, lure investments to our shores and address the triple challenges of unemployment, poverty and income inequalities” concluded Premier.

Source: Government of South Africa