Premier, David Makhura has made a clarion call to Gauteng Mayors to work together for the good of communities.

Makhura said when it came to service delivery and development, there was no one sphere of government that could work alone and get the desired results.

Speaking at a meeting to strengthen intergovernmental relations and cooperative governance with all the Gauteng mayors in Alberton in Ekurhuleni, on Friday 01 November 2019, Makhura said government wanted to align resources through the coordinated forum to better serve the people.

“I want to emphasize that it really does not matter which party is in charge of which municipality, we have got to work together, that is what the constitution of our Republic enjoins us to do.

“We have got to work together, we have got to pull in the same direction and we have got to support the same vision. If we do not work together, people on the ground are going to suffer because we are bickering,” said Premier Makhura.

The Premier also emphasized the importance of a balanced development in this development should not be concentrated only on the three Metros with the other districts remaining just sites of poverty.

“At the moment that is the reality. We must temper with that reality. We must consciously ensure we redirect certain investments so that Gauteng must be balanced in that sense.

Makhura said infrastructure development and investment were apex priorities for the province.

“The provincial government has R60 billion for infrastructure over the next five years, together your capex over five years is roughly more or less R40 billion in municipalities. If you combine all that with the province, we already have a R100 billion infrastructure fund.

“A fund, that will be dedicated to funding infrastructure projects that will help us create the much needed jobs in our province thus creating the Gauteng we want,” added Premier.

Source: Gauteng Province