Road closures for Presidential inauguration

Tshwane Metro Police Department (TMPD) has announced that several roads will be closed near the Union Buildings in Pretoria ahead of the Presidential inauguration on Wednesday, 19 June 2024.

Government announced on Saturday that all is set for the Presidential inauguration after Cyril Ramaphosa was re-elected as the President of South Africa at the first sitting of the National Assembly of the seventh democratic administration on Friday.

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The Presidential inauguration is expected to be attended by the President-elect, Members of Parliament, dignitaries, foreign Heads of State, other guests and members of the public.

According to the TMPD, the Heads of State or Governments and the delegates are expected to arrive at a different point of entry.

Road closures around the Union Buildings will be implemented from 3am on Wednesday, until 6am on Thursday, 20 June 2024, as follows:

Gordon Road and Stanza Bopape Street

Jan Shoba and Stanza Bopap
e Street

Grosvenor and Stanza Bopape Street

Hilda and Stanza Bopape Street

Festival and Stanza Bopape Street

Athlone and Stanza Bopape Street

Hill and Stanza Bopape Street

Orient and Stanza Bopape Street

Balmoral Avenue and Stanza Bopape Street

Lisdogan Avenue and Stanza Bopape Street

Farenden and Stanza Bopape Street

East Avenue and Stanza Bopape Street

Beckett and Stanza Bopape Street

Pine and Stanza Bopape Street

Blackwood and Stanza Bopape Street

Johan and Stanza Bopape Street

Wessels and Stanza Bopape Street

Madiba and Stanza Bopape Street

Leyds/Zeederberg and Stanza Bopape Street

Hamilton and Stanza Bopape Street

Steve Biko and Stanza Bopape Street

Dumbarton Road and Stanza Bopape Street

Dumbarton Road and Harcourt Street

Dumbarton Road and Nassau Street

Madiba Street and Government Avenue

Edmond Street and Government Avenue

Balmoral and Government Avenue

Tom Jenkins Drive and Soutpansberg Road

Tom Jenkins Drive and Russell Street

Tom Jenkins Drive
next to Government House

East and Government Avenue

Beckett Street and Government Avenue

Pine Street and Government Avenue

Blackwood Street and Government Avenue

North Street

Soutpansberg Road

Van Der Merwe Street

Nuffield Street

Meanwhile, TMPD said the trial run of the street closures for the Presidential inauguration is scheduled to take place on 16 and 17 June 2024 from 2am, until it is completed.

‘The Tshwane Metro Police Department, together with other law enforcement agencies, will be deployed to monitor the street closures.’

Alternative routes

Motorists are advised to avoid the affected streets and to use alternative routes, such as the following:

Pretorius Street

Park Street

Du Toit Street

Greef Street

Frederika Street

Justice Mahomed Street

Park and ride

Rietondale Park will be open for guests and members of the public to park their cars and ride the bus to the Union Buildings.

The shuttles will commence operations from 3am until 6:30am.

There will be no private v
ehicle access to the Union Buildings or the area surrounding the venue except for residents with permits.

Residents in streets affected by the closures around the Union Buildings and Rietondale are urged to collect permits from Pieter Delport Centre at 770 Government Avenue, Eastcliff in Pretoria.

The residents will have to present proof of residence when collecting the permits.

The public walking in will have access to the Union Buildings South Lawns through a security checkpoint.

Source: South African Government News Agency