North West Traffic Officers caught in an Anti-Corruption Sting Operation.

Seven traffic officers from the Ditsobotla traffic department in Lichtenburg in the North West province have been arrested on serious charges of corruption.

The seven, six males and one female aged between 49 and 35 years of age were arrested in a joint operation by the Road Traffic Management Corporation’s National Anti-Corruption Unit and the Directorate for Priority Crime Investigations.

The arrests follow months of investigations in which the traffic officers were observed while stopping motorists for various traffic violations. It was noticed that instead of issuing fines the officers demanded gratification or bribes from motorists.

The officers are expected to appear in court today for a bail application.

The crackdown on corruption within the traffic law enforcement fraternity will be intensified in all provinces to deal with bribery, fraudulent issuing of driving licenses and roadworthy certificates. More arrests are expected in the coming weeks.

The anti-corruption units will be keeping a close watch on traffic officers who will be deployed on the country’s roads in the coming festive season.

Source: Government of South Africa