PRETORIA, Learners at Njube High School in Zimbabwe’s second largest city of Bulawayo staged a demonstration complaining about a 478% fee hike, independent daily newspaper NewsDay reported on Tuesday.

Waving the portrait of Zimbabwe’s president Emmerson Mnangagwa and the Zimbabwean flag as they marched on the streets, the learners went through different suburbs of Bulawayo before returning to their institution.

Videos of the protesting students have been widely shared in Zimbabwe and South Africa.

The school administration at Njube High has reportedly increased fees from $92 to $440 this term. The learners were also expressing unhappiness over the deterioration of standards at their school.

NewsDay reported that authorities at the school had to call riot police, who stopped the protest. The police rounded up the students, mainly the seniors who participated in the protest, before taking them to a classroom where they were questioned over the demonstration.

The state-owned Chronicle reported that science teacher Brian Mutsiba who incited the students to protest is now on the run.

Mutsiba is said to have removed Mnangagwa’s portrait from the school’s staff room and handed it to the disgruntled pupils.

Source: African News Agency