Members from Welkom POP Reaction team, deployed in Bethlehem, received information about drugs being sold at a certain house and about an unlicensed firearm at the same house in Mamafubedu Township near Petrus Steyn.

On Friday 02 July 2021, members obtain a search warrant and approached the house. They tactically entered the house after occupants locked themselves in and refused to open the door. Seven people were found in one of the rooms.

Upon searching the room they found 99 .22 ammunition, a toy gun with two 9mm rounds. They also confiscated 49 sachets of Nyaope, 19 baggies of Crystal Meth and cash.

Six men aged between 25 and 32 and a 24-year-old woman were arrested for possession of unlicensed ammunitions and possession of drugs.

Source: South African Police Service