The Managing Director of US-based travel company, JetBlack Travel Group, Dr. Alexander Oladele, has said their operation would have been unthinkable without the social media.

He noted that many travel companies would have been a shadow of their old selves without the help of the social media.

JetBlack operates primarily through the social media

Social media is honestly the reason why many travel companies today are as successful as they are. The truth is, social media is the new market place. Whether you put out a travel ad on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube, depending on your audience there will be people interested. For JetBlack Travel in particular, we have thousands of followers and immediately when we make a post regarding travel to a particular location, we receive immediate inquiries about process, itineraries, dates etc. It is unthinkable how the world of travel and tourism would be like without the social media. Of course, it wouldn’t have been as vibrant as it is now, he said

Giving an insight on their operation and how social media have been of great help, the travel group head gives an example of southeast Asian countries and how they have attracted world’s attention.

He noted that Southeast Asian countries are very popular right now. We put out a post for Bali and within 4 days the trip sold out. Not only did we sell out, we were over capacity by 12 travellers. We even had travellers from previous trips (South Africa & Ghana) that made serious inquiries about visiting Bali. Thailand also sold out quickly which we anticipated due to the proximity of both countries. We believe the reason these countries are so popular right now is based on social media influence. These are countries that have very picturesque scenery which looks very attractive to potential travellers. These countries are also relatively more affordable compared to other countries which we believe help to convince more potential travellers.

Talking about Nigeria, he prescribes ways the country can show up on the tourism and travel world’s map. Beyond social media influence, the JetBlack group head says there are two things to be done.

Nigeria can become a travel destination of choice with ease. There are two things that can drive this which we believe involves media activity as well as improvement in some of the logistical challenges in the country. Artists have made their mark in the US and abroad and have significant influence on people. If they started promoting tourism in Nigeria, there is no question that the interest levels will rise immensely.

The second thing is to improve the logistical challenges, which begins at the airport. Having systems in place to increase the efficiency of airport navigation, engagement with customs and even baggage claim would be a significant step forward. Nigeria already has a wealth of things to do and places to go so the issue is not necessarily the excursions. It all comes down to the logistics. Improving road conditions would also dramatically shift the experience. I believe a big opportunity awaits if the government prioritizes something as simple as better roads as tourism can truly help to stimulate an economy and bring positive exposure to a country.

Because the truth is Nigeria can take over tourism like any other country. We would just need support from artists and the government to improve things like roads and airport experience. It would bring so much money into the country, he added.

Jetblack Travel Group, founded in 2018 curates trips and life-changing experiences for anyone interested in immersing themselves and learning about cultures outside of the US. Jetblack Travel Group has curated trips to countries like Ghana, South Africa, Spain, Morocco, Bali, Colombia, Cuba Thailand and Jamaica.

Source: African News Agency