Gqeberha: SAPS Swartkops members arrested a suspect after following up on suspicious activities at New Brighton beach on Saturday evening, 3 September 2022.

It is alleged that on abovementioned date at approximately 19:45, on the N2 on ramp at Commercial Road, a Hino truck was blocked off by a Nissan LDV, one suspect got into the passenger side of the truck and pointed the complainant with a firearm, and demanded him to drive to New Brighton Beach. At the beach he was further instructed to park next to an Isuzu double cab bakkie and to assist with filling up drums with the diesel from the truck. Afterwards the complainant were told he can leave.

New Brighton beach is a known spot for trucks to stop, where theft of diesel takes place. SAPS members notice the suspicious activity at the beach and upon enquiring from the truck why he is parked there, the complainant informed the members that he was hijacked in Sidwell and forced to drive to New Brighton beach where suspects stole the diesel from the truck. He pointed out the Isuzu bakkie and the suspect. There were three suspects involved in the hijacking and theft of the diesel however the SAPS Swartkops members arrested one suspect, confiscated the Isuzu bakkie and recovered the 350l of stolen diesel.

The suspect has been detained on charges of possession of suspected stolen property and will appear in Gqeberha Magistrates’ Court during the week.

Source: South African Police Service