Two arrested at Durban Correction centre for contraband

A Department of Correctional Services official has been arrested together with another person after attempting to smuggle a large consignment of contraband into the Durban Correctional Centre.

According to the department, the two were caught separately during the early hours of Saturday morning.

“When a motor-vehicle with two occupants was stopped by the patrolling officials at about 01h18 on [Saturday] at the Durban Correctional Centre Premises, one person opted to flee evading the officials who were closing in.

“The driver of the vehicle; a private citizen; was eventually apprehended. He disclosed the identity of his associate as a Department of Correctional Services official,” the department said.

On inspection, the following contraband was found in the vehicle:

A cellphone and charger

There parcels of dagga

924 white and blue capsules of the drug whoonga

50 white round tablets.

The official was caught hours later – hiding at the facility.

“At around 07h50, DCS day shift officials were alerted to screams for help inside the storm water drainage at the centre. Upon inspection, the Emergency Support Team of DCS and SAPS, found a correctional services official trapped inside the storm water drainage which he had used as a hideout spot.

“The official was arrested and a consignment containing mandrax capsules, mobile phones with earphones, cellphone chargers, 34 sim cards, 669 woonga stopes, 1.180kg dagga and other illegal items was also discovered,” the department said.

The department warned that officials caught attempting to smuggle contraband into correctional facilities will “never be spared any mercy”.

“DCS is leaving nothing to chance as its commitment towards contraband free centres is in full swing. It is a 360-degree focussed intervention as attention is given to every inmate, official, service providers, visitors and residences within our premises.

“Safe and secure correctional centres are possible to achieve, and we expect nothing but strict adherence to safety standards from all those who interface with DCS. Hence, visitors, inmates, officials and private citizens caught contravening our regulations shall be dealt with through the criminal justice system,” the department said.

Source: South African Government News Agency