South Africa has about 14,000 road deaths per year. Volvo’s heavy-duty truck driving school, Iron Women, is actively working towards changing these figures.

The Iron Women programme is aimed at training women to become heavy-duty truck drivers.

This is because, statistically, women are responsible drivers. They are involved in less traffic accidents, use less fuel and breaks, and, therefore, reduce maintenance costs.

For this reason, women heavy-duty truck drivers do not only improve business for Volvo’s customers, but also saves lives on the road.

#SAINC met Rirhandzu Baloyi, a new qualified heavy-duty truck driver. She, and many of her classmates from the Commercial Transport Academy were unemployed before Volvo stepped in. By providing training and employment opportunities, Volvo empowers these women, and also uplifts their families and communities.

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Source: African News Agency