As the Western Cape Government (WCG), we recognise that while some progress has been made toward gender equality and the empowerment of women, there is still a long way to go before we achieve a gender equitable society.

Women’s Month allows us to measure how far we have come in transforming society, and to focus on driving this commitment. It is also an opportunity to centre our focus on addressing gender-based violence, which we know is a huge problem across South Africa.

As we pay homage to the work done by many great women, and the ongoing efforts toward the achievement of a safe, free and fair society by citizens, businesses and government across the board, we invite you to show your support and solidarity against gender-based violence, as well as your support and commitment for the equity of women, by forming human chains in your communities, at workspaces and school grounds.

In launching Women’s Month, the WCG and its executive will be forming a human chain on Monday, 1 August at 12:00 (midday), for 10 minutes to:

• Show support for women who suffer all forms of violence;

• Practically display that when society comes together, they can be a powerful force against injustices and;

• Promote services/resources available in specific communities.

Source: Government of South Africa